Mon île

MON ÎLE is like an island, a place of the soul where you can slow down time and find a space for your imagination.

Mon île is an independent boutique in the centre of Bologna since October 2019.
Inside this space, Stefania Bandinu displays her jewellery collections along with a selection of products by other designers, all handcrafted with care and passion.
The boutique also hosts exhibitions and cultural events, becoming a suggestive space for new ideas and creations.

Mon île is also a brand of ready-to-wear jewellery designed and made by Stefania Bandinu.
This label includes some of the designer’s historic collections, such as the small illustrated series and other exclusive projects created since 2020, such as the Essenziali (The Essentials), Cuori Storti (Crooked Hearts), and Talismani (Talismans).
The collections designed by Stefania Bandinu for Mon île can be found in the boutique of the same name in Bologna and on the online shop

The name MON ÎLE comes from a play on words: in French it means “my island”, while the noun “monile” comes from Latin and in Italian it designates an ornamental object, a jewel.
This name expresses the bond that Stefania Bandinu has with her homeland, Sardinia, and her personal relationship with creative work, an activity that allows her to cultivate an intimate and contemplative space in and outside herself.

Bonus fact: Mon île’s logo traces the outline of Tavolara, the island that dominates the panorama of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia.