Fertile, arid, rocky, solid.
It lies at the bottom from where it nourishes, crushes, hides, creates,
As mother, a welcoming womb.
Or Earth as dust.
Able to follow the wind to get elsewhere.

Terra is a collection of exclusively unique pieces.
It is made with samples of crystallized Sardinian earth by inclusion in resin rocks, which are then set in handcrafted silver pieces. Through these modular works, lobe earrings or long necklaces formed by irregular metal links, silk ribbons with fringed edges, and woods smoothed by time all come to life.
The collection is designed by alternating full and empty shapes, color and transparency, smooth and rough textures that express the relationship between evanescence and materiality.

These jewels speak with the voice of the earth, a call beatin within like a heart.
They narrate the relationship with their roots and, as if in an alchemical act, they reflect on the concept of belonging and transforming the weight of their origins in light minerals made of transparencies and dust.

Earth with roots