Frorolìa is the Sardinian word for ornament. 

This jewelry collection is inspired by the traditional costumes of Sardinia and transforms the roses, thistles and flowery bouquets embroidered on those costumes into delicate and precious jewels, alive with color.

Frorolìa is a writing of women’s memories on a party dress, finely painted flowers cut out of metal, arabesques and silver curlicues that together with strands of semiprecious stones compose necklaces and earrings.
Frorolìa are jewels that decorate the body of light structures which trace the contours of a secret inner garden: a guardian that treasures ancient voices and new tales.

Shooting project: Ph: Silvia Cicconi || Model: Margot Mermillon || Make up and hair: Martina Blumental || Shirts: Barbara Pala || Style: Stefania Bandinu + Silvia Cicconi || Location: Domus de Janas de Ludurru, Buddusò (Sardinia).