My collections are inspired by the things I encounter in my life.
I often travel in the company of my plants, and my drawers are full of notebooks.
I work with light and with memory. My pieces are fragments of a story, contemporary amulets that still carry the ancient sense of the jewel.
I live and work between Sardinia, Bologna and a few other places.

Stefania Bandinu was born in Sardinia, then moved to Bologna where she graduated in painting at the Academyof Fine Arts and Art History at the city's University. Since 2012, following a stint in France with a circus theatre company, she has dedicated herself entirely to the creation of jewellery.
Her work, which still has powerful links to her homeland, pulls together various different metals, illustrations, maps, ancient letters and textiles to create objects pulsing with symbolism and meaning.

She has exhibited her work in both Italy and abroad. Amongst her major exhibitions were the following: DAB - Design for Artshop and Bookshop, MAXXI, Rome; Enzo Ferrari Museum, Modena; Italian Institute of Culture, Budapest; Hanging by a Thread, curated by Federica Vacca in Milan.
In 2014, Stefania collaborated with CARTA|BIANCA to participate in the Janas Project, an artistic exploration of Sardinian textiles that culminated in the documentary film Janas: Stories of Women, Loomsand and Treasure.
In 2015, Stefania won the Homi Makers Design Award.
In 2016, she was one of the winners of TALENTS at Tendence 2016, the international fair in Frankfurt.